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December 27, 2023

View subscription information

Now the users can also view their Tigg subscription information through the Tigg subscription tab within configurations.

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December 22, 2023

Customer/supplier detail and product detail while making transactions

While recording transactions, selecting a customer/supplier and clicking on view details shows the customer’s details including current balance. Similarly, selecting a product and clicking on view details shows the product’s details including current balance and last purchase and sales price.

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December 14, 2023

Cheque Register

Now there is a separation section for cheques called cheque register on accounting module where the users can keep all the records of cheque received and cheque issued.

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November 26, 2023

Cash flow summary report

Track opening cash/bank balance, receipts from customers, other receipts, payments to suppliers, other payment and closing balance from the new cash flow summary report.

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November 26, 2023

Product profitability report

The product profitability report added to Tigg allows you to track product wise profitability of each product.

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November 14, 2023

Total of debit and credit columns

Now users can view the total of debit and credit columns in ledgers and statements.

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November 6, 2023

Better format on excel exported reports

Now reports like Trial balance, Income statement and Balance Sheet are better formatted once you export to excel, such that you can expand and collapse groups and subgroups in excel itself.

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October 31, 2023

Tigg new version

New Feature additions

  • Multiple Currency feature for sales transactions - Tigg has an option to generate invoices using multiple currencies like $, INR. The invoices will display the amount in such currency and accounting records will be updated as per the conversion rate you set.
  • Multiple units of measurement - Now you can use more than one unit of measurement for the same product, so you can be able to record purchases in boxes and sales in pieces.
  • Variant products - Creating variant products is easier than ever. Simply create variant attributes like Size or Color and you can create multiple variants of a single product on one click.
  • Discounts by multiple methods and levels - Discounts can be set in percentage as well as in amount. Also, now discounts can be given both item wise as well as at the transaction level.
  • Lock Date - You no longer have to worry about old transactions being modified by someone without permission. Set a lock date to prevent transactions before that date from being altered.
  • Continue accounting from trial account - Earlier Demo and Paid accounts were separate, but now you can opt for a 15 day trial and continue using the same account on making payment.
  • Add bank charges - If there are any bank charges applicable on customer and supplier payments, you can add that directly in such transactions.
  • Date selection in Dashboard - The dashboard has gotten more interactive as you can now select different date ranges to filter the figures on the dashboard.
  • Record Purchase from Customers and Sales to Suppliers - Now you can record purchases from customers and sales to suppliers by simply clicking on allow sales or allow purchase while creating or editing customers and suppliers.
  • Export details from list pages - Now there is Option to export details from list pages like contact details, product details, invoices, purchase bills, deals, tasks, supplier and many more.
  • More control over user permissions - You get more control over user permissions with new permissions of Approve and Void in transactions. Also, permissions for Documents are segregated now to Add, Delete and View and a separate permission is added for Dashboard.
  • Improved global search - Now you can search details within transactions using the global search bar. Also, you can directly jump inside ledgers and statements with an added button on the search.
  • Fiscal year and branch code in transactions - The Fiscal year and branch code of transactions are displayed as suffixes in transaction codes allowing for better identification of transactions.
  • Option to create duplicate contacts with appropriate checks - Duplicate contacts can be created in Tigg with a warning when duplicate name, PAN or phone number is entered.
  • Contact Groups - Users can now categorize customers and suppliers within contact groups and filter reports accordingly.
  • Set deal stages and task types - Now users have the ability to set Stages in Deals as well as set Types in Tasks.
  • Sort sales order by delivery date - Now, you can add delivery dates to sales orders and sort and filter orders by delivery dates.
  • Add Terms and Conditions - Now the users can add Terms and Conditions to transactions like quotation, sales order, purchase orders, invoices. You can add images and tables as well in this field and will be generated in pdf and can be printed.
  • Product wise landed cost in import purchases - Now you can add product wise landed costs to import transactions. Recording import transactions have gotten even easier as you can also add landed costs through an excel template.
  • Allocate additional costs on the basis of tax base - Now there is also the option to allocate additional costs in import transactions on the basis of tax base.
  • Receipt format printing template - Also now there is New printing template in receipts format in sales orders, invoices and credit notes
  • Narration in reports -Now you can view narrations (notes) added to transactions while viewing the reports with a link to reference accounts/contacts.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Improvement in speed while generating reports
  • Password strength improved and lock enabled on multiple attempts
  • Improvement in search time for customer name and item name while making transactions
  • Improved filter and sort in all lists
  • Support barcodes while selecting items
  • Performance improvement while importing opening balances and lists from excel
  • Improved pagination in all list pages and reports
  • Search in transactions list view searches by name and reference
  • Option to add Selling price and Purchase price to service products
  • Add same item multiple times in a purchase bill
  • Option to edit chart of accounts from Tree view
  • Improved speed while importing bank statement
  • Improved validations while importing bank statement
  • Displays all uploaded documents inside Done tab within Document option in Workflow menu
  • Master Reports contain more information
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