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More Features

Tigg restro is packed with other features that enhance the user experience and improve efficiency

Convenience for customers to pay with split bill options
Simplified menu management
Upload product image to simplify ordering process
Add service charge as per your requirement
Transfer and merge orders to simplify ordering process
Option to choose from multiple payment methods
Easy interaction with touch friendly user interface
Unlimited users access with customizable user permissions
Ability to generate IRD approved e-invoices
Customizable user roles and permissions
Customizable printing templates
Create different variants of a single product

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Seamless Experience Across Multiple Devices

Our app is versatile, catering to various devices like phones, mobiles, and tablets, allowing you to enjoy its seamless user experience. Rest assured, there won't be any differences in the enjoyable experience, regardless of the device you choose.

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Pricing for all Type of Business

Pricing variants that cater to businesses of all sizes and fits any scalability requirements.


Rs 20,000/Year

Cost effective option that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Unlimited users and storage
Up to 1,000 products
Up to 30,000 invoices
Free remote training and support
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Rs 45,000/Year

Best in class features catering to your ever growing organization.

Unlimited users and storage
Up to 5,000 products
Up to 1,00,000 invoices
Free remote training and support
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