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Get the most efficient way to manage accounting & finance for modern businesses

Tigg Accounting

Most efficient way to manage accounting & finance for businesses.

Inventory Management
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Tigg Restro

Your recipe for effortless restaurant management.

Multiple location support
Table management
Order processing
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Tigg Retail

Streamline your retail operation efficiently

Multi-store support
Sales order processing
Barcode scanning and printing
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IRD Verified Billing

Tigg is compliant with all the requirements of electronic billing procedure, 2074 (with Fourth Amendment)
(विद्युतीय बीजक सम्बन्धी कार्यविधि, २०७४ (चौथौ संसोधन सहित)).

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Accounting & More

Besides core accounting, you can also manage your documents, tasks and contacts within Tigg

Create tasks anywhere on the app
Tamper-proof activity log of every action
Add user comments and notes
Use keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation
Import customer, product and accounting data
Interactive dashboard with real-time overview
Get all VAT and tax reports
Custom reporting tag to generate personalised reports
Create multiple users and define permissions
Get fully customizable transaction numbering
Custom quotes and invoices to match your company branding
Speedy transaction approval system

Our Data Security Doesn’t Rest

Your data is encrypted all the way, at all times.

Check how we keep you data secure
ISO 27001 Certified
Encrypted at rest and in transit with your sole authorization to view your data.
Replicated 3X for maximum security
Multi-layered security from infrastructure to software
We don't share or sell your data to anybody
Complete data back-up everyday

Business Update on the GO

Do more, wherever you go.

Loved by Founders & CAs

Last year when electronic billing was made mandatory, we searched for a lot of accounting software with electronic billing feature and our search stopped at Tigg. The modern outlook and easy to use nature of Tigg had exceptionally pleased us. We were quite impressed with the numerous reports that it produced and how easy it was for new user. It has saved us a lot of time and the fact that is accessible from anywhere; being a cloud-based platform is an extra add-on.

Shiwani Pandey

Finance Officer
Digital Network Solution

I have been using Tigg for the past year and it has changed the way I run my business. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for me to manage my finances and stay on top of my expenses. The software also integrates seamlessly with business tools, saving me time and streamlining my workflow. I highly recommend Tigg to our clients who are looking for a reliable and efficient accounting solution.

Sujeet Regmi

Director Finance
Sajilo Sewa

Since we Switched to Tigg, it has helped us make our internal financial system more robust andprovided insightful reports that have helped us make better decisions. Overall, I highly recommendTigg to any business looking for an easy to use software with great reporting capabilities

Sagar K.C.

Manager of Finance
Imark Digital

A comprehensive software for any size business, it is the most easy to use accounting platforms offering complete control in managing invoices, revenue, orders and much more. Helps save time and money, provide accuracy for any reports required. It's clean and easy to use design and different features makes it more attractive.

Lomush Adhikari

Country Manager
Renegade Nepal

I have been looking for an Accounting Solution that is completely cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere; which enables my team to have multi-level access and authorization capabilities. Tigg has a very user-friendly interface and is much easier to operate compared to other accounting solutions. The ability to access all my accounts on the go from anywhere with a click of a button and having the ability to know the current status of my company's transactions is an awesome experience.

Rahul Shakya

Pycus Brand Consultancy

Over 700 businesses are currently using Tigg

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