IRD Certified billing solution

Tigg is compliant with IRD Certified Billing Requirements.

IRD verified billing

Tigg is compliant with all the requirements of electronic billing procedure, 2074 (with Fourth Amendment)  (विद्युतीय बीजक सम्बन्धी कार्यविधि, २०७४ (चौथौ संसोधन सहित)).

  • Certified by Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
  • Computerized billing
  • Integrated with CBMS

Professional looking invoice

Tigg lets you create professional-looking invoices in second.

  • Choose from beautiful-looking templates
  • Add your company logo to create a brand impression
  • Customize as per your requirement.

Proforma to invoice in seconds

Convert your quotation / estimate or proforma to invoice in seconds.

  • Quotation / estimate / proforma to invoice
  • Sales order to invoice

Field customization

Add new additional fields as per your need.

  • Additional fields option
  • Option to display and hide in print

Verify before you finalise

Validate your invoice before your customer.

  • Save invoice in draft
  • Assign approving rights

Set reminders and track activities

Create tasks and get reminders on due dates.

  • Create tasks
  • View activity
  • Add comments

Clone your invoice

Create a duplicate invoice right away

  • Quickly clone your invoice
  • Make duplicate feature

Attach documents

Attach your supporting document to your invoice

  • Attach your invoice by taking pictures from your mobile
  • Upload document from your computer

Record payments right away

Record payment right from within the invoice

  • Track unpaid invoice
  • Option to maintain bill-wise payment records