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The software's invoicing capabilities are top-notch. I can easily create and customize professional-looking invoices with just a few clicks. The templates provided are aesthetically pleasing and can be personalized to match my brand. Easy accessibility anywhere using the internet has personally helped me a lot. The exceptional customer support offered by the Tigg team is another aspect worth mentioning. They are always ready to assist and address any queries promptly, making the overall user experience even more enjoyable.

Birendra Pratik
Finance Manager
Ingrails Pvt. Ltd.

Tigg has become synonymous to 'ease' in terms of our accounting since the last fiscal year. With Tigg, we can easily fill purchases, track receivables and payables, and even generate VAT reports. Moreover, with Tigg's sales reports, it has provided us with required infrastructures to not just make plans, but take crucial decisions as well. We even thank Tigg for their immaculate support when we needed help. We're happy and proud to be using Tigg in our day to day accounting.

Rajiv Sharma
Managing Director
Jobs Dynamics

We have using Tigg from this year and it has made our work easier. The software has made our work easier as before we used to have written invoice and it also consume less time, as it is IRD verified software it has saved our time as well. I felt this Tigg accounting software is one of the easiest and best for accounting and inventory management software.

Sharawan Tamrakar
Senior Admin and Finance
Cypher Technology Pvt. Ltd.

As an accountant, the use of tigg has made it simpler and more efficient to perform all of my financial tasks. It is also a very effective time saving application and has been extremely helpful in analyzing our clients financial performance. I also appreciate the cloud-based nature of your software, which allows me to access my clients' financial data from anywhere, at any time.

Santosh Acharya
Himalayan San Soju Trading Pvt.Ltd

Tigg is easy to use. I no longer have to worry about software upgrades or backups, and I can access my accounts from anywhere at any time, through the mobile app. We love its user interface, which is quite simple to use.

Sabin Shahu
Senior Manager
Gokyo Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Tigg is a web-based accounting software made by Nepali entrepreneurs, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy and efficient tracking, organizing, and managing of finances. With IRD-approved billing, it simplifies compliance with statutory requirements. Tigg features financial statements, budgeting, and forecasting tools, with the ability to sync financial accounts and transactions for a comprehensive view. With top-notch security, Tigg enables data retrieval and entry from anywhere in the world. Tigg makes accounting easy, secure, and I highly recommend it. As a financial consultant we have been recommending our clients with the software and all of our clients are very much happy with the services of Tigg.

Nishan Paudel

Tigg provides a comprehensive range of features that have enabled me to manage my clients' accounts efficiently. By utilizing Tigg's mobile application, clients are able to effortlessly upload their financial documents into the software, which in turn enables my team to manage all of our services directly from our office premises. The software's capability to generate tax statements in IRD prescribed formats has significantly simplified the once tedious process of managing regular tax filings for my numerous clients.

CA. Raja Ram Kadel
Professional Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.

Last year when electronic billing was made mandatory, we searched for a lot of accounting software with electronic billing feature and our search stopped at Tigg. The modern outlook and easy to use nature of Tigg had exceptionally pleased us. We were quite impressed with the numerous reports that it produced and how easy it was for new user. It has saved us a lot of time and the fact that is accessible from anywhere; being a cloud-based platform is an extra add-on.

Shiwani Pandey
Finance Officer
Digital Network Solution

I have been using Tigg for the past year and it has changed the way I run my business. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for me to manage my finances and stay on top of my expenses. The software also integrates seamlessly with business tools, saving me time and streamlining my workflow. I highly recommend Tigg to our clients who are looking for a reliable and efficient accounting solution.

Sujeet Regmi
Director Finance
Sajilo Sewa

Tigg is really simple to use. It aided us in operating our business when we lacked a full-fledged finance team. I would strongly recommend Tigg to anyone who wants to keep track of their finances with minimal effort.

Dr. Bhoj Raj Ghimire
NeoSys Technology

I have been using the cloud-based accounting software Tigg for some time now. In this software, it has been easy and fast for me to record business transactions where I can quickly access clients and suppliers (National and International). In addition to that, I can manage the inventory and generate monthly tax reports, raw material reports and other reports. It is also very convenient to assign roles between different accountants to split the work, making it easy for us to handle the overall finance section of our company.

Dilli Raj Bhandari
Account Officer
Royal Footwear Industries

I've been using Tigg for the past few months and it has made my work as an accountant so much easier. I can access it from anywhere since it is cloud-based and its features like document upload, task management and tax reports make my work a breeze. Plus, the customer support has been top-notch whenever I needed assistance. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new accounting solution.

Lenina Gautam
Account Officer
Yarsa Labs

Since we Switched to Tigg, it has helped us make our internal financial system more robust andprovided insightful reports that have helped us make better decisions. Overall, I highly recommendTigg to any business looking for an easy to use software with great reporting capabilities

Sagar K.C.
Manager of Finance
Imark Digital

Thank you Tigg team for your hard work. I feel relaxed as an entreprenuer as all of my business transactions are in the palm of my hands. Tigg has been a huge stress reliever to me and I recommend Tigg to everyone.

Bimal Bastola
Green Road Waste Management

A comprehensive software for any size business, it is the most easy to use accounting platforms offering complete control in managing invoices, revenue, orders and much more. Helps save time and money, provide accuracy for any reports required. It's clean and easy to use design and different features makes it more attractive.

Lomush Adhikari
Country Manager
Renegade Nepal

We have found Tigg to be extremely user friendly. All the accounting reports are automatically generated, shortlisted and are easy to analyse.  Even for those people in the team who do not know alot about accounting, they too can use this software.

Prithiwi Kallyan Parajuli
Poshilo Foods

I have been looking for an Accounting Solution that is completely cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere; which enables my team to have multi-level access and authorization capabilities. Tigg has a very user-friendly interface and is much easier to operate compared to other accounting solutions. The ability to access all my accounts on the go from anywhere with a click of a button and having the ability to know the current status of my company's transactions is an awesome experience.

Rahul Shakya
Pycus Brand Consultancy

It feels good to have an affordable yet reliable accounting software - Tigg. It has been easier and much sustainable to go paperless for managing our accounts. With their easy to use UI we were able to get the hang of the software right away.

Asish Thakur
Executive Director
Glocal Pvt Ltd

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