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We’ve come up with an affordable, easy-to-navigate, and reliable retail software.

Managing a retail shop with multiple locations, multiple staff at the counter, and a huge number of products already sounds scary. But we’ve come up with an affordable, easy-to-navigate, and reliable solution you need. 

As retail management has become increasingly complex, businesses are seeking powerful solutions to streamline their operations and boost productivity. Addressing these challenges head-on, we are excited to let you know that our accounting software is now equipped with an array of new features specifically designed for retail enterprises. With a strong focus on the unique needs of the Nepalese market, our enhanced software is set to transform the way retailers manage their businesses, enabling seamless multi-store support, simplified sales order processing, efficient barcode printing and scanning, swift receipt printing, real-time analytics, a user-friendly interface, and robust support for variant products. And this is combined with the right accounting solution that generates more than 50 reports.

Multi-Store Support: If you have a retail store or wholesale in different places of Nepal, Tigg retail is just the right solution for you. Tigg offers comprehensive support for retailers operating in different regions, facilitating centralized management and seamless coordination between various stores. You can manage all your stores and get all data on sales, purchases, and others, on Tigg.

Streamlined Sales Order Processing: With Tigg Retail, handling sales orders is now a hassle-free process. You can avoid mistakes made due to manual order management and embrace a proper approach that enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Barcode Printing and Scanning: Inventory management with Tigg Retail will make doing business easier for you. You can streamline the check-in and check-out procedures of your inventory along with the barcode with the ease of assigning, printing, and scanning it. 

Receipt Printing Made Easy: Enhance customer experience by managing your checkout process with the seamless receipt printing feature. You can now generate professional-looking receipts swiftly and efficiently, leaving a lasting impression on your customers with Tigg.

Real-Time Analytics: Tigg Retail will help you make informed decisions on the go with real-time analytics. YOu can gain valuable insights into your business performance, monitor sales trends, and identify opportunities for growth, all in real-time. This enhances your productivity and boosts your efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface: We understand the importance of simplicity and ease of use. Tigg retail boasts a user-friendly interface for your staff. It will be easy to learn and easy to handle the POS, simplifying complex operations. 

Variant Products Support:  With Tigg Retail you can manage a wide range of product variations, from sizes and colors to styles and units, without compromising efficiency or accuracy. You can add more variants of a single product and get reports accordingly

There is so much more in Tigg, we’ve listed a few below. And you can find more as you try.

Unlimited User Access: Tigg provides unlimited user access without any extra charges, allowing your entire team to utilize the system and collaborate with ease. With no constraints on the number of users, Tigg Retial ensures that every member of your team can leverage the system's capabilities and work together effortlessly.

Multiple Payment Methods: Whether your customers prefer to pay in cash, use digital wallets, or make card payments, Tigg Retail has got you covered. Our system accommodates various payment methods, providing your customers with the flexibility to settle their bills in the way that suits them best.

IRD Approved Billing: Tigg Retail's system is designed to meet the requirements set by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of Nepal, ensuring that the billing procedures of your shop is aligned with government regulations. 

Generate local Tax reports: With more than 50 reports being generated in Tigg, you can generate tax reports as per your requirements. 

Customizable Printing Templates: Tigg Retail allows you to customize your retail shop’s or wholesale receipts and invoices with personalized printing templates, adding a professional and tailored look to your bills.

Secondary unit of Measurement: If you are selling your product in retail or wholesale with different units of measurement, Tigg retail is what you need. You can enter multiple unit for same item, for example, you can sell your pencils in dozen and per piece too.

Location-wise dashboard to monitor performance: For your retail shops in different locations, you can view the dashboard from your own device location-wise or aggregated reports of the performance in real-time. You can toggle between different locations or view comprehensive aggregated reports to make informed decisions tailored to each store's performance.

User Session Summary: You can identify the staff members handling transactions at the counter and gain insights into each session's usage, ensuring transparency and accountability in your retail operations in Tigg. You can then enhance control and oversight within your retail environment.

Ability to set separate product prices: Tigg provides support for products arriving in different batches with variable pricing, allowing you to set prices specific to each batch effortlessly. You can enjoy the flexibility of adjusting pricing based on batch variations with accurate and customized product pricing within your inventory management.

Simplified usability with handheld device support: Experience the freedom of using Tigg Retail beyond your desktop; effortlessly take orders and generate bills using your laptop, tablet, or any portable device of your choice. Enjoy the flexibility to manage transactions on-the-go, ensuring convenience and efficiency in your retail operations, regardless of your preferred device.

At Tigg, we are committed to empowering retailers across Nepal with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market. With our feature-rich accounting software tailored for retail, you can take your business to new heights while optimizing every aspect of your operations. Experience the next level of retail management with our advanced accounting software and revolutionize the way you do business. Discover the power of streamlined efficiency and enhanced productivity - try our software today!

We made Tigg in collaboration with top accounting firms of Nepal