User access control in Tigg: Unlimited users with tailor-made permissions

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Enjoy the flexibility of having multiple users without compromising on data integrity

User permissions in accounting software determine the level of access granted to each individual user. The term ‘user’ encompasses individuals authorized to utilize the software for various tasks, ranging from recording and editing financial transactions to viewing reports. These permissions encompass the specific rights and privileges afforded to users within the accounting software.

Unlike traditional desktop-based accounting software, in Tigg, you can add as many users as necessary without incurring any additional cost. Also, the user permissions can be finely tuned to cater to various levels of access and control. Admin users have the authority to assign user roles already set in Tigg, namely Admin, Accountant, Auditor, Sales, Purchase, View Only, or configure tailor made permissions for transactions, reports, settings, locations, chart of accounts and contacts. This granular control ensures that each user is equipped with precisely the right access and permission to fulfill their responsibilities effectively while maintaining the integrity and security of the financial data, thus mitigating the risk of potential data breaches.

User permissions in accounting software are crucial because they can help you control access to important financial information. Each user can login with their own username and password, and user-wise activity logs are stored for future reference. This helps keep your data safe and stops people from doing things they shouldn't. You can make sure only the right people can perform activities like making, changing, or voiding financial transactions or accessing sensitive financial information. Furthermore, with all user activities being tracked, you can investigate immediately and easily if something might go wrong.

User permissions can be set in such a way that one person records transactions, while another checks and approves them. This adds a level of control in preventing incorrect data entry and entrusts a sense of responsibility among employees. You can also add your auditor or financial consultant with a 'view only' right for easier accessibility. As a cloud-based software, the benefits of this feature to organizations are limitless:

  • Restrict unauthorized access to sensitive financial information.
  • Enhance transparency and accountability in the accounting process.
  • Enforce separation of roles and responsibilities among users.
  • Provide audit trails and access logs to track user actions.
  • Improve business efficiency by adding multiple users with tailor-made permissions.
  • Maintain integrity of financial data by restricting unauthorized changes.
  • Implement a maker-checker control system.
  • Reduce the risk of data breaches and fraudulent activities.
  • Help businesses comply with regulatory requirements regarding data access and security.

Go through this video to see how you can add users and set user permissions in Tigg:

There are mainly two types of users In Tigg accounting software. So for every people you add from your organization, utilizing the ‘unlimited users’ feature, you can assign them as either of the two:


  1. Admin User:
  • The Admin user possesses full access to the company's data and functionalities within the accounting software.
  • They have the authority to manage user accounts, set permissions, and configure system settings.
  • With comprehensive control over the software, Admin users can oversee all financial transactions, generate reports, and perform administrative tasks crucial for managing the accounting processes effectively.

  1. General User:
  • The General user is assigned limited access to the accounting software's features and data.
  • Their access permissions are determined and configured by the Admin user.
  • General users typically have access to specific modules or functionalities relevant to their roles within the organisation.
  • This limited access ensures that General users can perform their designated tasks efficiently without compromising the security or integrity of the company's financial information.

To get a detailed understanding on how to add users and set permissions, click here to go to our resources page.

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