Tigg's SMS Feature: Your Shortcut to Effortless Business Communication!

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Discover the power of Tigg SMS today: cost-effective communication for clients and employees

There might have been a time when you had a special sales offer or event, and were eager to reach out to your customers. And surely, you've also experienced those exhausting moments of repeatedly calling and emailing your debtors, desperately seeking payments. With the new feature, you can now simply send an SMS to them as a reminder about your offer, greetings, or even their payments.

And there's more! With Tigg, you can swiftly send bulk SMS to your employees for anything from urgent notices to celebratory announcements. SMS can save so much of your time, energy, and money!

Here are some reasons why SMS is better than emailing and calling your clients and employees:

  • Higher open rates

    Studies have shown that nearly all SMS messages are opened and read, often within minutes of receipt.

  • More effective when sending urgent notices and last-minute offers

    If your offer is nearing its end, you can send bulk SMS to immediately inform your clients about it.

  • Helps convey difficult messages with ease

    Gone are the days when you were chasing payments over a call– send an SMS to your debtors to avoid the difficult conversation while reminding them about their payment deadlines.

  • Less chances of getting lost in the chaos

    Email inboxes are often flooded with promotional emails with marketing messages and they get lost but SMS messages appear directly in the recipient's phone, making them more noticeable.

  • Link to a landing page to drive traffic

    Though the text could be short in the SMS, it can have a link to your website or any other landing page where you can include the entire message.

  • Cost-effective

    Especially when considering the potential return on investment, SMS is much more cost-effective than making phone calls or running extensive email marketing campaigns - give it a shot!

So why think twice when the SMS offer is coming at the lowest rate in history for you? 

At Tigg, we are constantly working to make doing business easier for you. So as a part of scaling your business, we’ve introduced a new feature of SMS where you can send an individual message or bulk message from within Tigg. You can save your festive template, Payment reminder template, notice template, and many more. You can do the following in Tigg

  • Send Bulk SMS

    Bulk SMS is used for sending messages to a large group of contacts categorized by their type and groups.

  • Send Quick SMS

    Quick SMS allows you to send messages to selected contacts without filtering based on their type and groups. You can simply search for contacts by name and phone number, then proceed to add them to the list.

  • Phone No Validation

    You can verify your contacts’ phone numbers too, right before sending. Once you select your contact list, Tigg will automatically validate and categorize the numbers into valid and invalid lists.

  • SMS Templates

    Templates allow you to create and manage common SMS templates for future use. You can create templates for festive greetings, notices, payment reminders, etc.

Tigg’s SMS feature is a versatile tool designed to enhance communication between your business and its clients. The best use case for this feature is to maintain a consistent and personal connection with your contacts.

  • Engage Your Customers

    Maximize your outreach by sending bulk offer SMS to your customers in one go.

  • Stay Connected with Events

    Ensure your customers never miss out on special events by sending bulk SMS notifications.

  • Streamline Payment Follow-ups

    Send personalized SMS reminders for outstanding payments, keeping your communication efficient and effective.

  • Never Forget with Reminders

    Keep your contacts in the loop by sending personalized reminder messages, helping them stay organized and on track.

  • Empower Your Team

    Keep your employees informed and motivated with bulk SMS notifications, whether it's for urgent notices or celebratory announcements.

You can subscribe to the SMS Packages right away, follow this tutorial to learn how to use it:

To subscribe to Tigg SMS, please call us at 980-1831190 or send us an email at support@tiggapp.com specifying the quantity you wish to subscribe to. As a limited-time offer, we are providing SMS at Rs. 0.99 per SMS credit. The minimum subscription is for 1000 SMS. Upon receiving your request, we will add the corresponding credit to your account.

Interested in mastering the SMS feature in Tigg? Click here to learn more.

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